(066) How To Become A Racecar Driver IS NOW Racers HQ! But…why?

BE AWARE! Any old link that’s out there will automatically forward you to the new one, so everything that exists is intact. 

For example: howtobecomearacecardriver.com/signup will automatically redirect you to racersHQ.com/signup.

In addition, any past email addresses will automatically be forwarded to my new domain email. You can still reach out to me the exact same way.


Yes, we are now Racers HQ / racersHQ.com. 

Let me explain.

It was been almost an entire year since this site was launched. And if you’ve been here from the beginning you’ll know that this is the second rebrand we’ve been through.

At it’s launch, this site was called Smart Racing Tips.


After a short period of time the site was changed to How To Become A Racecar Driver for the purpose of search engine optimization.

In other words, a lot of people are going onto Google and typing in the long-tail keyword “how to become a racecar driver.”

I wanted to reap the benefits of this organic search traffic, and thus the name was changed to match what people were looking for.

And while this keyword strategy is only a small part of how Google catalogs websites, I was sure it would be helpful.

The result? It wasn’t. 

The good new is that this site ranks internationally on the first page of Google for several keywords (7/30/16), including:


Did you notice that the keyword “how to become a racecar driver” is low on the list?

It just isn’t that important.

Now that I’m ranking on the first page for that keyword, I want to make the site more user friendly with a simpler name: Racers HQ.

Google will continue cataloging “how to become a racecar driver” and I can continue reaping the benefits.


There are a few other reasons that justify the rebrand as well:

  • I’m really tired of typing such a long brand name dozens on times a day
  • I’ve always thought it sounds a little cheesy
  • Vinyls are really expensive because there’s a lot of real estate to cover
  • Racers HQ is quick, simple, and still very specific

I’m very excited about the change! I think it will bring more authority, credibility, ease of use, and much more to the site in the long run.

So welcome to the new brand! It’ll be business as usual with a shorter, much more user friendly title. 

All the best,
Matt Covert

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