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I know what you’re dreaming about. 

Hi, I’m Matt, founder of Racers HQ. If you’re on this site then you probably fall asleep thinking about driving race cars professionally.

If someone offered you money to drive a race car, would you accept? Of course you would. That’s because you believe you possess the talent, ambition, and determination to make it in professional racing. And you’re probably right. 

So here’s a question for you: why aren’t you doing anything about it?

I know why. It’s because we’re taught from the very beginning of our lives to be reasonable. To get good grades. To be logical. To go to college. To get a job. To have security. And if that’s what you truly want, then there’s no problem.

The problem is you’ve been taught that careers like acting, competitive pistol shooting, blogging, and racecar driving should be avoided. Why? Because everyone thinks they’re not attainable.

Everyone’s wrong.


I understand how you feel.

There are definitely obstacles to overcome if professional driving is your goal. You don’t have enough money. You lack connections. You don’t have enough support. You don’t have any real career strategies. You’re stuck at a job you hate while dreaming about what you love. Does that sound familiar?

Professional driving was my aspiration too. Right out of high school I found a way to get paid for performance driving.

I worked several jobs as a professional stunt driver for film, television, and live entertainment. I genuinely believed that this would be my entrance into racing. If I was good, someone would notice me. I spent hours each day trying to land more gigs.

I spent hours connecting with film makers, attempting to convince them that they needed a pro driver to protect their equipment, financial investments, and to mitigate potential injury and liability. My success rate was about 30 to 1.

Eventually I burned out. I knew I had the skills to be the best driver around, but I couldn’t catch a break. The jobs were drying up, the stunt market was getting flooded, the money was going away, and I felt like I was completely wasting my time.

I very specifically remember having less than one dollar in my bank account. I couldn’t figure out how I ended up there, because I truly believed I was doing all the right things. But I was nowhere near pro racing.

Then I smartened up.

I started paying attention to people who were smarter than me. People who had already achieved what I wanted more than anything. I realized that I had wasted four years of my life trying to figure out what other people have already mastered.

I started reading books by Ross Bentley, Carroll Smith, Dan Miller, Seth Godin, Mark Donohue, and Nigel Mansell. I studied the things they learned early in their careers that made them successful. I learned what techniques and strategies a racer needs to be a winner.

I started taking myself more seriously, got a regular job, and began racing at the regional level on the weekends. I took what I had learned from these professionals and implemented it into my life.

During my first season of racing I won an autocross championship with the Sports Car Club of New Hampshire.

It was all because I let the experts teach me their strategies.

So I founded Racers HQ.

I was so excited to share everything I was learning, and I started RacersHQ.com – a company specifically designed to aid aspiring racing drivers. This was the first website where you could learn about complex racing techniques like neutral steer, yaw angles, polar moment of inertia, and dozens of other topics that will turn an average racer into an intelligent racer.

Racers HQ has been received very well in the grassroots motorsport community. The reviews have been absolutely incredible. More than 10,000 aspiring racers have enjoyed our content and improved their race craft. This has been incredibly motivating and equally exciting as racing itself.

And I swung for the fences.

If reading books could kickstart my skills as a driver, I wanted to start talking to actual professionals. I began interviewing top level drivers like Top Gear’s Stig (Ben Collins), Ross Bentley, Tom O’Gorman, Patrik Sandell, and many others.

My goal was to extract the absolute best career strategies, driving tips, and cautions from the world’s most successful drivers. All so I could share my findings with the community of aspiring racers.

I failed as a professional stunt driver. Not because I didn’t have the physical skills required, but because I wasted my time trying to figure out what had already been mastered.

By simply asking highly successful people about their strategies and advice, I would have avoided hundreds of hours of pending failure.

All the myths about racing? They’re wrong.

Interviewing the world’s best drivers is the most eye opening thing I’ve ever done. They bust dozens of myths and demolish all stereotypes about getting into the racing world. Their stories and strategies prove things like:

  1. You don’t have to be rich to become a professional racing driver.

  2. Slower cars make faster drivers.

  3. Business skills are just as important as driving skills.

  4. Autocross is one of the best ways to start your career.

  5. Novice and professional racers are almost identical.

  6. Sim racing gives you a massive advantage.

And the list goes on.

Racers HQ delivers the top level career strategies and driving tips.

If you aren’t getting advice from the experts, you will likely fail. We pack each magazine issue with tactical advice that you can immediately implement into your racing program. During our exclusive interviews with professional racing drivers we extract specific information about:

  • Early career successes and the strategies they used to get them.

  • Which forms of racing they used as building blocks to advance their career.

  • The mindsets that helped them conquer all the obstacles they faced.

  • Alternative methods of funding a racing career (apart from family money).

  • The most common errors they’ve witnessed throughout their career.

  • What they would change if they could go back and do it all over.

  • Tactical driving advice that helped them break through to the next level.

  • Which additional skill sets (besides driving) are invaluable in motorsport.

The experts have been assembled. 

If you knew that the most successful drivers in the world where all sitting in your living room, what would you do? Would you shrug it off and just go to bed? Of course not. You’d want to know all their secrets, tactics, and strategies so you could follow in their footsteps.

While that would be stellar, I have the next best thing.

The experts are in your phone and tablet. Racers HQ is proudly delivering career strategies and tips from the experts.

Matt Covert
Founder, Racers HQ


I’ve been there.

Hi, I’m Jake. I started contributing to Racers HQ in 2017, and  I took over the reigns at Racers HQ from Matt in 2018. I’ve been performance driving in one form or another since 2001. My journey has taken me all over the country in search of speed. I’ve been both behind the wheel and behind the scenes. I’ve autocrossed, kart raced and sim raced. I’ve also worked on crews for several dirt sprint car teams and even been crew chief for a multi-year regional SCCA Majors champion.

Just like you, I’ve dreamed of moving up the ranks and becoming a pro driver. I’ve read the books, and talked to professionals myself on my first podcast, The Rags to Races Podcast. I found Racers HQ a few years back, and I can personally attest that what Matt put together here works. I will continue to work hard for you to help you reach your performance driving goals. Moving forward, I will continue to bring you the tools to develop professionally as a driver or industry leader.

I love speed/racing but don’t know if driving is for me.

If you love the thrills of motorsport, but aren’t sure if you want to get behind the wheel I’m here for you too. With my years of experience behind the scenes, I can help you find your place. The motorsport industry is booming, and there are many areas that you can get involved in that don’t always have you getting behind the wheel. Racers HQ is here for you too!


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