(065) 2017 Autocross Sponsorships: My Driver Support Program That Pays Money To Autocrossers

You heard right. The Sponsorship Program is opening for new applications on August 1st for an undetermined amount of time. 

I’m not offering discounts.

I’m not offering credits.

I’m not offering payouts based on results.

I’m offering real money to real drivers at the local and regional levels.

If you are an aspiring or experienced racer who could use autocross sponsorships to help with tire costs, fuel costs, entry fees, or any other expense, then you’re in the right place!


Who Is Eligible?

Everyone. And I mean everyone. If you’re…

  • about to enter your first race
  • are an average finisher
  • a seasoned championship veteran
  • hungry to improve your results and make a name for yourself

…then you’re eligible. Everyone is encouraged to apply for the autocross sponsorships.


How Much Money Will I Get?

If chosen to be a sponsored driver, you’ll get support for the 2017 season. Sponsored drivers will each receive $300 dollars cash that can be spent however they wish.


What Do I Have To Do In Return?

Go racing. The only thing you have to do is run my sponsorship vinyls for the entirety of the racing season. I’ll even provide the vinyls at my cost so you get the full payout.


When Do I Apply?

The Sponsorship Program will be open on August 1st, 2016 and remain open for an undetermined length of time.


How Do I Apply?

On August 1st you’ll be able to submit an application through HowToBecomeARacecarDriver.com/sponsorship


I am the only company offering autocross sponsorships in the form of money. Again, these aren’t discounts, credits, or results based payouts. 


I am proud to offer support to grassroots racers who want to make a name for themselves. All you have to do is apply.

More information to come.

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