(016) BIG NEWS! It’s More Free Stuff For You.

I am RIDICULOUSLY excited to tell you about a new project I’m working on.

It’s technical, extremely valuable, and (to my knowledge) there has never been a motorsport resource like this before.

Oh yeah, and it’s totally free!

I Am Working Very Hard On A Long Series Of Instructional Videos.

The purpose of these videos is to teach you about racing concepts, theories, driving techniques, and racecar engineering. They will be short, to the point, easy to  consume, and engaging to watch.

I’ll be making these videos using some really cool equipment that lets me draw on my laptop screen and capture video in real time. Here’s a really neat sample screenshot!


I really love this chalkboard background image! The branding is really cool and it’s very personal.

When will the videos be released?

You can expect an unknown number of videos to be released all at once on January 8th, 2016. They’ll be hosted on YouTube and you can watch them all at no cost and share them with whomever you think could learn from them.

I know I’m always saying that the biggest gains are made by improving the driver. Well, I truly believe that. These videos will show you exactly what I’m talking about.

I’ll be making videos pertaining to the topics such as:

camber, types of differentials, tire pressures, weight distribution,  shuffle steering, left foot braking on the road, left foot braking on the track, traction ratios, physical/mental fitness, rev matching, heel toe downshifting, short shifting, skip shifting, racing lines, smooth inputs, ratchet steer, trail braking, track analyzing, weight transfer, rolling clutch starts, clutchless shifting, double clutching, manual transmission burnouts, types of drifting/skids, hook steering, clutch feathering, drafting, throttle steer, stunt driving VS. racing, polyurethane bushings, upgrading brakes, caster, toe, suspension geometry and lowering your car, choosing shocks and struts, snow tires, four stroke cycle, my favorite automotive books and resources, anti-roll bars and adjustable links, how clutches work, opposite lock, the ackerman principle, co-efficient of friction, bump steer, attitude and safety, power to weight ratios, types of drag, slip angles AND A WHOLE LOT MORE!

I am SO excited about sharing these videos with you. If you have any suggestions for me about the process or topics you’d like to have covered please reach out to me.

Someone you know will love this! Who is it?
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