Cen-Tech Infrared Thermometer

cen-tech infrared thermometer thumbnailThe Cen-Tech infrared thermometer has played a vital role in my success with tire management. I’d like to point out that any equivalent unit would probably suffice. But since this is the one I’ve used, it’s the only one I can recommend.

Tires are the most misunderstood component in amateur racing. What they do is obvious. But tuning them is not.

By tuning, I’m referring to the process of figuring out exactly what tire pressures are optimal on your car in the type of racing you participate in.

How do you know if your tire pressures are where they should be? How do you know if you should add or remove air? Unfortunately, most people are simply guessing when they alter their pressures.

This is where the Cen-Tech unit in. By recording temperature readings in three locations across the tread of each tire, you can see if the pressures you’re running are optimal or not.

An infrared thermometer is better than a direct contact thermometer because the direct type takes several seconds to accurately read temperatures. This is because the heat signatures must travel mechanically. The heat from the rubber has to mechanically warm up the sensor in the probe during each reading.

This can add 40-60 seconds to the temperature-taking process. During this time the tires can lose enough heat to give a less accurate reading.

The Cen-Tech infrared thermometer uses a laser to provide instant readings with zero wait time.

It’s also useful for checking the temperatures of brake linings and liquids.

Clicking through the link above will take you to an eBay store front. If you decide to purchase this thermometer, please be aware that I will make a small commission. So I’d like to say, in advance, thank you for helping me build my brand. If you’d rather purchase them elsewhere, that’s okay too!

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