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Everyone has something helpful to say. 

No matter how many people I talk to I’m always amazed at how much information is out there. It doesn’t matter if you’re a hobby driver, semi-pro, or professional racer; I bet you’ve learned something that can help other racing drivers.

Why would someone want to write for Racers HQ?

Getting covered by the media is where most racers focus their attention. But creating media is far more effective. Not will you be getting your name (or brand, sponsors, business) in front of thousands of Racers HQ readers, you’ll be in front of thousands of people in your specific niche – many of whom are trying to learn the information you can put out there.

Educating others puts you in a position of authority and gives readers the opportunity to begin trusting you. And trust is a critical component in growing your brand and getting your name out there.

What would you write about?

  • An “ah ha!” moment that changed the game for you.
  • What you’ve learned from a particular mistake you’ve made or seen others make.
  • That one driving technique that clicked for you.
  • Your insight about an AWD car.
  • Your experience with sim racing.
  • A racing concept like varying vertical load.
  • Any strategy that helped you become a better racer.

If you’re interested in sharing your insight with other Racers HQ readers, here are a few guidelines. 

  • Articles must be centered around a specific topic.
  • Present your information in a tactical way. How can someone else immediately apply your knowledge to their racing program?
  • Avoid stories and get right to the strategic stuff.
  • Here are a few examples of popular Racers HQ articles:
  • “List” posts and “How-To” posts are always popular.
  • 1000 words is a good length to shoot for.
  • Submissions aren’t guaranteed to be published.
  • Any submissions will be edited and optimized for SEO.

Connect with Racers HQ Founder Matt Covert ( with any further questions about contributing to the website.

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