(026) Corner Exit Speed

In this video I ask a question: how can two drivers take the same line and have the same average corner speed, but one of them have a faster corner exit speed? Pay attention because this is important.

Corner Exit Speed – Video Transcript

Hey everybody Matt Covert here again from howtobecomearacecardriver.com with another free video. This time about corner exit speed. And this is a particularly important concept because, on most race tracks, most of the time is spent on straightaways under acceleration. Alright? And the goal is to have the faster straightaway speed at the end of the straight. And every straight starts at the end of the corner before it. So corner exit speed is going to give you a faster straightaway speed and that’s going to cut your times way down.

So let’s take a look at what we’re talking about here. But first! Answer me this: how can two drivers driving the same line average the same corner speed and yet one of them comes out of the corner faster than the other one? Well let’s take a look at that. That’s really what we’r’e trying to go after here.

So let’s look at a corner. OK? Let’s say that a driver approaches this corner and let’s say he enters the corner here and using a hundred percent cornering traction all the way through the corner. OK? So at this point in the corner he goes in at forty five miles an hour. And at this point he’s at forty five miles an hour. And at the middle he’s at forty five. And right there at forty five. And at the corner exit speed he’s at forty five miles an hour.

OK? Because he’s using all the car’s ability – all of the car’s traction ability – for cornering, he’s going to stay the same speed all the way through. Hundred percent cornering grip. OK? That obviously creates an average corner speed of forty five miles an hour. That’s kind of a no brainer. Pretty easy to see.

Let’s look at it a little bit differently, alright? Let’s look at a driver who enters the corner a little slower. That sounds counter intuitive, but let’s look at a driver who enters the corner a little slower. And as he progresses through the corner he gets a little bit faster. And a little bit faster. And by the middle of the corner he’s doing forty five. OK. But the farther he gets in the corner the faster he’s going and at the exit this driver has a speed of forty seven miles an hour. Well let’s look at why that can happen.

OK. This driver is entering the corner a little slower and he’s going down through the middle and as he reaches the exit – or the mid point, I guess – he starts to trade off cornering for accelerative forces. He’s not using a hundred percent of the car’s total ability at any one time. he’s trading off cornering for acceleration as he’s leaving the apex. And we talked about traction ratios in another video. Alright? And I’ll put a link up on the screen so you can see that. But by giving up some of the cornering ability as he’s unwinding the steering wheel and adding throttle he’s going to reach a forty seven mile per exit, even though he entered slower, alright?

And if you do the numbers on this, he has the same average corner speed as the other one. So even by entering the corner at a slower pace he’s not losing any time because their average speeds are the same. But when he gets down to the other end of this straightaway, all the way down here, he’s going to be plus two miles an hour faster than the other guy. Let’s assume they’re using the same car and they can accelerate at the same rate. That guy’s going to be two miles an hour faster going into the next corner and that’s extremely important.

And this applies to any type of racing. It applies to autocross corners. It applies to – what am I trying to say – road courses. And all that stuff. Really important concept to understand. Not hard to get. It really centers around traction ratios and the traction circle. So go back and watch the link to that.

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