Driver Knowledge VS Vehicle Upgrades

Driver Knowledge VS Vehicle Upgrades

In this video I explain why developing a deep and thorough knowledge of the motorsport world is far more important than throwing lots of money at the car – especially when you’re just getting started.

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Video Transcript

Hey everyone, Matt Covert here again from and I want to talk about something that is probably my biggest philosophy in the racecar driver world and that is driver knowledge VS. vehicle upgrades.

In other words, the importance of developing a real understanding of racing concepts and theory VS. just throwing money at the car.

So let’s take a look at a couple different things here. I think that, first of all, a lot of people fall into the trap of thinking that throwing money at the car is going to equal speed. And that’s  a really easy thing to believe because its partial true. Yes, if you put money into a car you’re probably going to get a little bit of speed out of it.

But the problem is that if this is what you’re doing to drop your lap times you’ll only going to become a slightly faster poor driver. And that’s not something that’s sustainable because at the ammeter level that might work but if you ever get to move up or race against people who have a lot more experience than you it’s just never going to even out because they’re always going to be better than you.

So this is something that you want to try and stay away from. I think the only exception that I have personally about throwing money at the car is that you need to have a competitive set of purpose built tires. And I really think that’s something you would need to be competitive.

But other than that I am a huge proponent of focusing on the knowledge aspect rather than shiny parts. And that’s kind of a thing too. I mean, that’s a huge part of motorsport culture, is you know, vehicle modification and researching parts and putting them on. And that’s all well and good but I don’t think that falls into the philosophy of becoming the best driver possible. OK?

So let’s take a look at a couple, or two or three drivers. Let’s think about Jimmie Johnson, Sebastian Loeb, and Sebastian Vettel. Let’s think about these three drivers for a second. These are all repeat champion drivers, repeat world champion drivers. And I genuinely believe that they don’t have more potential than anyone else. I think that they really just have a deeper understanding of the intricacies of the motorsport racing world.

They are people who have dedicated themselves to learning more about how racing works than everyone else. they have huge amounts of understanding about things like weight transfer and how weight moves around a vehicle. That’s a huge deal in racing. If you can control how weight moves you’re going to be faster than everyone else.

These guys have spent their lives developing the physical skills to actually be better than everyone else in the world. When you’re racing on a world level it’s crazy competitive. I have no doubt that these guys are taking any material they can get their hands on to study it. Whether it’s books or race footage or in car video data. Like, these guys have just dedicated themselves to information, as oppose to putting or throwing money in the car.

And granted they have the best cars in the world, that’s true. But I don’t think that’s what makes them better than everyone else. And I think that I would be shocked if these guys didn’t all have some type of mentor that went along with their success. I can’t remember the statistic. I’m a huge fan of Peter Vgood, he’s an awesome business entrepreneurial coach and he dropped a really cool statistic the other day on one of his podcasts I listen to. And it was something crazy like 95% of millionaires all have a mentor.

And I think that plays a huge role in somebody’s success. So immersing. To be successful with all the things you’re learning you need to take the things that you’re reading about and implement them into your racing program. So lets say you read something about contact patch, which, that’s another whole video too. You read something about how contact patch effects the grip capabilities of your car and you say oh OK I get this.

Maybe to increase that contact patch you’re going to do a different tire pressure or try to acquire a different set of tires, OK? But you read something that was really important and then you implement it. You can learn everything there is to know in the world but if you don’t put that into your program its not worth very much, OK?

So we’ve got taking action, and then the other one, and we’re getting little off topic again, I have a tendency to do that. The other one is consistency. So if  you’re learning, if you work really hard for short periods of time that’s really great, but real results come from working really hard consistently. And those are two things I focused on a lot in 2015.

I didn’t spend a lot of money on my racing season, which was awesome. I did a set of tires, the Dunlop Dizezza tires. I wrote a really good review about those on the website up here. I’ll try to put a link to there in the video notes down below.

So I did a set of tires and I did a sway bar which really helped balance out the car. But beyond that my goal was to stay in a factory racing category because there isn’t a lot money being spent there, it’s all about driver skill. And that I think is the best place for anyone to start as a racecar driver. And I think I should probably wrap it up there, because again I’ll be going into other concepts which I think will make better separate videos so…

So, if you didn’t already know, has a section called the Racer’s Blog and that’s where I post articles about all these things like this. I know I’ve done a great tire article, it’s all about tire pressure and contact patch and maximizing your grip and tire compound and tread squirm and all the things you need to know when racing in the stock factory category.

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I’ll be back again soon with another free video. Until then, take care. And go learn something today and find a way to implement it into your racing plan. That is the number one most important thing. Go do that right now.

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