Episode 48: What made Senna so great? Part 1

Welcome back to The RacersHQ Podcast!

This week, we welcome the new host, Jake. Over the past several weeks, Jake has been researching Ayrton Senna. We’re not going to cover his career per se, but what it was that made Senna so good behind the wheel. Jake asks the question: Was it pure natural talent, or was it more something anyone can learn and study that made Senna so great?

In the first installment, Jake covers the aspects of seat time and physical training that Senna had to start off his career. Did Senna have something that can’t be learned, or was it something that we all can learn from?

Make sure to watch out for the upcoming installments of this series, as there is so much more to be covered. If you aspire to be a great racing driver, you need to hear this!


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