(024) How To Use Forums

In this video I talk about how to use internet forums to gather information for your racing program. I also talk about what to avoid so you don’t get dragged down by bad advice.

How To Use Forums – Video Transcript

Hey everybody Matt Covert here again from howtobecomearacecardriver.com and in this video I’m going to teach you how to use forums. There’s tons of information out there and I’m going to show you how to get it. Alright so pay attention. The next slide is going to teach you everything you need to know about internet forums. OK ready? I’m going to switch it right now. OK ready?

DON’T! Don’t use forums. OK? Oh my gosh yeah don’t use forums. You don’t need that all kinds of nonsense OK? So let’s -let me just explain what I’m talking about, OK?

We live in a world where information is abundant and easy to acquire. Anything you want is literally right at your fingertips or in your pocket. If you can reach your smartphone you can pretty much get anything you want. OK? And on that basis it doesn’t make sense to get all your information from a bunch of people who likely have no idea what they’re talking about OK?

Here’s an example. I just an example in one of the videos recently. When you’re talking about tires – you want to research tires on internet forums, OK? The problem is that everyone loves the tires they’re using because that’s mostly the only tire they’ve ever used. There are very few people out there who have tested all the tires. OK?

So in that situation we need to defer to experts. OK? Like the Tire Rack who have actually gone out and actually tested all the autocross tires, compiled tons of data, and released it so we can use it and use real information to make real decisions OK? The problem with forums is that there are a bunch of well intentioned people who just don’t have enough expertise for us to reply on their opinions to make good decisions about our racing program. OK? That is what we want to avoid – is opinion.

Right? Information is power and you don’t get good information from forums. OK the biggest problem with forums – and I love using this term because I think I coined it and I used it in another video recently, OK? There is a ton of monkey visioning going on in forums. And that just means that when one person seems to have a good idea a lot of people adopt it and they’re only doing it because everyone else is doing it. You get the monkey see monkey do type situation. And if the original monkey is doing something that is not based on fact, OK? Well then everyone else is just doing it and no one is actually using information to make their cars or racing programs any better, alright?

So what you want to do is avoid guessing. That’s the main goal here. And if the person you’re taking information from is doing your guessing for you and you don’t realize that, well that’s just as bad, OK?

There is so much information available. It’s so easy to reach out to experts or find data – scientific data with graphs and charts and all that fun stuff – it doesn’t make sense to go and get your information from people who are just giving you their opinions, OK? You can definitely listen to what they have to say but you don’t want to make real decisions based on opinion. That doesn’t make sense, OK?

Forums are a great place to meet people and interact and talk about what you love but you cannot make real decisions for your racing program based on opinion. It doesn’t work, OK?

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