(017) In 3 Days You’ll Have Over 2 Hours Of Free Educational Videos

I have been working reeeeaaaaally hard producing a series of videos that will make you a better driver. 

I’m ridiculously excited to launch this video project. It has taken me several months to put everything together, so you can imagine how great I’m feeling right about now! Here are the details.

  • On January 8, 2016 at 6:00PM eastern time 20 videos will be available here on the site
  • They cover crucial concepts that are essential to becoming a better performance driver, including
    • Weight Distribution
    • Weight Transfer
    • Slip Angle
    • Yaw Angle
    • Understeer
    • Oversteer
    • Neutral Steer
    • Polar Moment of Inertia
    • The Importance of Tire Pressure
    • Optimal Tire Temperature
    • Optimal Tire Pressures
    • Vertical Load
    • How Brake Systems Work
    • Performance Brake Upgrades
    • Expectations
    • Driver Knowledge VS. Vehicle Upgrades
    • Autocross IS Real Racing
    • Knowledge VS. Implementation
    • Time Management
    • Mentors
  • There will new videos coming out every day week for an undetermined amount of time. As of right now the goal is to have at least 200 valuable videos, so it will be going on for a while.

I’m going to add a quick introduction to the free video series to get you pumped up!

Someone you know will love this! Who is it?
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