Knowledge VS. Implementation

Knowledge VS. Implementation

In this video I discuss a key concept for success: knowledge VS. implementation. This information not only applies to racecar driving, but to any other type of venture.

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Video Transcript

Hey everyone, Matt Covert here again from And in this video I want to talk about something that’s a little more of a lifestyle thing. We’re going to some lifestyle business, as opposed to some technical or theoretical concept.

So I really want to jump into this. It’s knowledge versus implementation. And they’re both very different but they’re both very critical to your success in whatever you’re doing. if you do want to become a racecar driver, if you’re an entrepreneur, whatever you want to do, this is a key concept to your success, alright? So let’s hop right on in.

Let’s go ahead and talk about knowledge first. OK? The best way to get anywhere is to make sure that you are growing. So you have to have some type of program to help you in your personal growth. It has to be intentional and it has to be something that you’re dedicated to. Alright?

And one of the best, I mean, the most important thing about personal growth in consistency, OK? I listen to a lot of business podcasts. Guys like Peter Voogd, and Pat Flynn, and Leslie Samuel and they all have tons of valuable information to say about their own niches. But Peter Voogd is a life coach and he always says that hard work is great, but real results come from consistent hard work, alright? If you’re going to work really hard for one or two days and then kind of just put it aside and go hang out with your friends, that’s not really how it works, OK?

Personal growth has to be as part of your daily routine, something you do every day. Right? And one of the best ways to nurture your personal growth is come up with mentors. And they don’t necessarily have to be actual people that are, if you can find someone who is already where you’re at and you can get their advice or check in with them on a regular basis, that is a huge asset and I really encourage you to take advantage of that.

But if you don’t have any of those people in your life and you haven’t been able tor reach out to them, or rather, you should be reaching out to people, if you haven’t gotten any results through that then find your mentors somewhere else. I use, like I said, those three guys that I listen to – Pat Flynn, Peter Voogd, those guys are all my mentors, they just don’t know it. Alright?

And along with that I do a lot of reading. I read almost every day. I try to set aside some reading time every day, I read books by guys like Carroll Smith and Ross Bentley and the Skip Barber Going Faster book. Those are all great resources that you should be visiting all the time to purposefully increase your knowledge consistently from people who know what they’re talking about. That’s what knowledge is, and that’s a huge component in someone’s success in anything that you’re doing.

Now let”s talk about implementation. Oh, that looks better. Alright, let’s talk about implementation, OK? All the knowledge in the world would be awesome. I would kill to have, be the leading expert on my niche, OK? But if I don’t take that knowledge and do something with it, if I don’t apply it to something that I want to do it’s pretty much worthless, OK? You can learn everything you want to know. But until you do something with it, there just isn’t a lot of, there isn’t any point to that, OK?

So the strategy I use to make sure this is working, to make sure all the knowledge I’ve acquire is actually being used is – I learn something, and then it could just be a tiny little thing and then I immediately put it into my racing program. OK? It could be something about tire pressures, it could be a downshifting technique, it could be a new data acquisition system, it could be anything, OK?

But what you don’t want to do is be the type of person who wants to learn absolutely everything there is to know before applying it to their program. That’s not what you want to do because that does a couple things. It hurts you in more than one way. It keeps you from making small progress all the time. This strategy here, learning something and then putting it into reality, it’ll help you get small progression, small progressions all the time. When you learn something and put it into your program you’ll be better at something you’ll be better at something. And then better at the next thing. And better at the next thing. And you might not see huge gains from these, but as racecar drivers and engineers it’s the little things that add up and that’s what we’re shooting for, to be better than everyone else. You know a little bit more, your car is little more tuned, and it’s the little things that make the big differences when you add them all up.

OK? If you try and learn everything you think you need to know and then throw it in all at once, it’s just not going to work for you. Think about how long it would take to learn everything you need to know to become a successful racing driver. It would take years and years and years. I’m reading books by guys who have been in the business and have been winning and being the bets at what they do for decades. They have lifetimes of knowledge. OK?

I don’t want to wait a lifetime to learn all that stuff before I start putting in into my program and being a winner. So baby steps is the way to go here and I truly believe that.

OK so knowledge versus implementation: they’re both extremely important but you have do them both the right way and you have to do them both consistently. Alright? And I think I’ve covered everything I wanted to cover there, alright?

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So if you haven’t been doing this, go out and find a book by one of the authors I mentioned or go listen to a podcast by one of the guys I was talking about. Go learn something today and make sure it gets into your racing program. Because that is the best strategy to become a better driver, or better at anything that you’re interested in.


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