LIVE Q&A 001: Tuning w/ tire temps. Anti-roll bars. Suspension alignment.

Thanks to everyone who joined me LIVE on Facebook for the aspiring racer’s Q&A session!

There were 73 people who were great enough to spend their time with during the inaugural Facebook LIVE video session. What a great response! I’m excited to be doing this again next week on Wednesday, May 24 at 7PM EST. Go put in on your calendars right now! I’m already collecting more questions for the next session.

Submit yours by clicking right here. Ask anything you want.

The session wasn’t entirely without a few setbacks, however. I had no idea that all my writing on the chalkboard was appearing backward to my live viewers! Apparently the video gets flipped when recording live. But Kevin Stephens was kind enough to quickly point it out in the comments section during the broadcast. So I quickly adapted and started writing everything backwards on my chalkboard…and it looked perfect to everyone. The show must go on, as they say. You can watch this comical moment at 21:37 in the video below. So funny.

(There’s a summary of our session below the video.)

In this video I address the following questions:

  1. At 2:05 “How to best push your “comfort zone” on track? Single biggest question I hear. Basically how to be comfortable correcting mistakes on track.” – Justin Lee

  2. At 6:00 “Would you say it was better to learn driving dynamics in a sports car (say Miata or the like) or something less sporty. A friend of mine learned on sims and started racing his 01 corolla before trading up to a Miata and he’s amazingly quick.” – Neil Bullock

  3. At 10:10 “What are sway bar adjustments affecting the most, is it corner entry, mid corner, or corner exit? And when do I adjust the sway bar vs just using tire pressure or rebound adjustments to balance the car on the track?” – Ben Freedman

  4. At 29:27 “I’ve been reading a few forums lately about autocross alignments. I was curious to ask what kind of alignment you run typically. Also, if you could offer some advice on setting up the alignment on an AWD car. I’ve read that you would typically set them up as if they were FWD, because of so much weight focused over the front axles.” – Fernando Granados

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