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MattThings are getting pretty serious! So I want to share more about my values about your attention, business, money, and relationships. 

I’ve spent the last 14 months giving away the absolute best valuable, free content that I could possibly create. And I’ve enjoyed every moment of it. The Chalkboard Sessions, The 11,250% Advantage, the podcast, the 12 part Intelligent Racing: Minimal Spending series, and the various blog posts in between are all incredibly useful to the aspiring driver.

And if you didn’t know, I also share very valuable content from around the internet on my Twitter and Facebook.

And the reviews? That’s the part I have a hard time believing. The reviews I’ve gotten over the past year are absolutely remarkable (I’ve cataloged them all, have a look for yourself).

The past month in particular has been an absolute whirlwind with my latest project, the Racers HQ Magazine. With all the networking, researching, software learning, graphic designer seeking, and app-build-outsourcing (did you know that Racers HQ is about to get it’s own app??), I’m completely surprised that I was able to win the 2016 SCCNH Stock Performance championship autocross series. What a summer!

Constructing a magazine platform has lead me to some incredible opportunities.

I’ve had the privilege of connecting with and/or interviewing several pro racing drivers like Patrik Sandell of RedBull Global Rallycross Series (on the cover of Issue #1), Ben Collins (The Stig from the original Top Gear), Shea Holbrook of the Pirelli World Challenge, Tom O’Gorman who just won the TCB World Challenge Series…and the list goes on.

I know I’ve been busy setting up this new platform to distribute high quality information, but I want to make it clear that there will continue to be new, valuable, free content on RacersHQ.com. Even though I’m creating a system of monetization for my brand, my main priority is still to help you become an incredible performance driver.

And I think you understand that. Traffic on the site is always increasing and I’ve received zero negative feedback about charging money for this new resource. In fact, you all have been very supportive.

Now that I’m asking for monetary compensation for some of my work (remember, the blog and free resources will continue on normally), I want share more about myself and get more specific about what my brand values when it comes to your attention, monetization, business, and relationships. So here it is: The Racers HQ Manifesto.


Racers HQ Manifesto

Your Attention

There is nothing more valuable to me than your attention.

How busy are you? If you’re anything like me, I’d say extremely. There are very few moments in my week that aren’t planned out. My time is my most valuable asset.

That’s why I’m infinitely grateful and humbled and thrilled when someone like you chooses to spend your free time with me at Racers HQ. Your attention is the one thing that can make or break a business, particularly an online business.

I simply can’t succeed without it. Having your attention in such a busy and noisy world is a gift that I strive to show my appreciation for. With the world’s attention at such a high premium my sole priority is to repay your attention with unmatched value and actionable content.

Whether you’ve been following me from the beginning, or if this is your first visit to the site, I want to extend a genuine and wholehearted thank you.

If you can’t consume the magazine, blog, free resources, or podcast and immediately implement new strategies and mindsets into your racing endeavor, I haven’t done my job properly.

This brand exists solely to make you a better racer. As such, I ask that you keep me accountable in producing the highest quality content as my brand continues growing.

I don’t like noise. 

As of October 2016, racersHQ.com has received as many as 3500 monthly views. The podcast has been downloaded over 300 times in one day. I’ve had over 10,000 minutes of watch time on YouTube. Visitors from over 70 countries. The brand has crossed well over 100,000+ digital impressions in the motorsport community. There is a substantial opportunity for ad revenue across these various platforms, not to mention ad-space in the magazine.

But I don’t like noise. I don’t like being sold to. I don’t like seeing irrelevant ads on the side of my pages. I don’t like because distracted when I’m trying to learn something that makes me a better businessman, web manager, publisher, entrepreneur, or racing driver.

I refuse to cheapen my brand by cluttering up your learning experience. When reading/watching/listening to Racers HQ content there is only one thing to focus on: your education.

I believe in a clean and simple format that feeds your attention and reduces information overload. I know that you learn most efficiently when focused and free of distraction.

Business Relationships

It seems to me that it’s somewhat socially acceptable to be careless with your word. Trust me when I tell you that handshakes, verbal agreements, and casual deals don’t work anymore. I’ve been on the raw end of some unfulfilled business agreements where I lost both money and credibility.

And while these situations are always frustrating, there seems to be an upside: it’s very easy to stand out above others in the business world, simply by doing what you say you will.

I had no idea until recently, but my credit score is in the highest possible category. Apparently just by doing what I agreed to (paying bills on time, being financially responsible) my credibility in managing finances shot through the roof. And it’s not like I went above and beyond. Who’d have thought?

It’s very important to me that I follow through with my word.

When I tell you I’ll email you something by a certain day, I will.

When I agree to a Skype interview at a certain time, I’ll be early.

When you send me a photograph for a two page spread, I’ll make sure you get credit.

If you reach out to me via email, contact form, or social media, I will reply to you.

The single greatest way to stand out in the world of business is to simply keep your word. This concept is, and always will be, counterintuitive to me. But it works beautifully and it’s the only way to cultivate strong relationships. And relationships are everything. Entrepreneurship, friendship, and life are all thoroughly dependent on solid relationships.

The moment your business shifts its priority away from relationships toward money, you’ve lost. NASCAR and Formula 1 are prime examples of this.

November will be the busiest month I’ve ever had, with the launch of the magazine. Issue #1 will be completely free for everyone, so I’m expected a lot of traffic. I’m excited to continue doing business using the values I’ve share with you in the Manifesto and to make Racers HQ the most valuable racing brand in history. Thanks for sticking out this entire article and don’t hesitate to reach out to me for any reason.

Matt Covert

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