In this video I talk about the importance of finding a mentor and how it can save you tons of time and money.

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Video Transcript

Hey everybody, Matt Covert here again from and I just want to spend a couple of minutes talking about something that’s really important in any type of lifestyle where you’re trying to achieve something great or you’re an entrepreneur or you’re just striving for something that’s complicated or out of the ordinary or whatever. OK? So I’m going to talk about why it’s important to have some type of mentor.

Mentors are important because they have a lot of experience doing the thing you that you already want to do. They probably already achieved the thing that you’re striving for, pushing hard for every single day. Well they’re already there. And if you can find something who can share their experiences with you they are going to save you a ton of time and a ton of pain, because they already know what kind of stuff to avoid. And they can share that with you. And if they can teach you what to stay away from, you know, they’ve learned everything the hard way. They can save you a ton of time by sharing their experiences with you and that’s really important.

And I think, and this is what I do, I think one of the best things that people don’t do. Well let me back up and say that again, that was a terrible sentence. I think that something that is extremely under rated is the podcast. OK? Podcasting is amazing. You have all kinds of experts who are willing to share everything they know about a certain topic, OK? And the best way to use postcasting is to turn your car into a university.

Everyone has travel time. You have a fifteen minute trip to work. You’re going to the gym. You’re out for groceries. It is a bunch of wasted time, OK? And I know that everyone loves to sit back and chill and listen to music, OK? And you can do that sometimes, there’s no problem with that, I do that too. But think about how much you could learn in a week if you spend half an hour learning something every day from an expert. that knowledge will pile up so fast, OK? These are all people who are willingly sharing their experiences and expertise and they’re all just mentoring you.

Sometimes it’s hard to find a mentor in the niche you’re in. If you’re in something really obscure there’s probably still a really good change that there is a podcast specifically about that thing that you love. And if you can’t find someone that you know or haven’t been able to reach out to someone who has achieved what you want to achieve, go the podcasting route. That is a hugely under rated venue of education. And the best thing about podcasting? Ninety nine percent of the time it’s all free. You can go in iTunes or, what’s the one I use, it’s Podcast Addict. I have an Android based phone. It won’t cost you anything.

Do you have any idea how much college is these days? It’s absurd. Everyone knows that college is a crazy investment. And a lot of times you don’t your return on that investment, alright? So podcasting is a huge awesome resource, a great way to find those mentors, those people you’re listening to they don’t know they’re mentoring you. But it doesn’t matter because you’re getting all their knowledge for absolutely free and I highly encourage you to use that.

If you are using the podcasting route for a mentor then there is one thing that you’re missing though. OK? And I’m going to write it right up here. You are missing accountability. Having a mentor through the radio is awesome and it’s free and it’s fun. It’s great, you can learn a lot. But it can’t keep you accountable. And that’s one awesome thing that a mentors can do.

So if you are podcasting you need to reach out and find someone who’s going to keep you check. Someone who’s going to keep you from slacking off? Someone who’s going to keep you on point and on track. Someone you can trust. Someone who’s not going to let you just kind of fizzle out. And that’s really important too. They need to make sure that you’re not totally sucking at whatever it is that you wanted to do originally.

Alright so if you can get all that knowledge from free podcasting and someone to kick your butt when you need it, that is the ultimate mentoring program. And better yet if you can find an actual person, if you can find a friend or if you’re down at the local racetrack and you know you know someone who can fill this role for you and is excited about it scoop them up so fast. Mentors are hard to find they take a lot of work to acquire. If you have one, hang on to it because that’s a really awesome resource.

Alright? And I’m going to end there I think. There’s another, this is a huge huge valuable video. This might be the most important video I’ve made so far. I think this is just key critical to anyone who wants to achieve something great, all this stuff I just talked about.

Alright I’m going to end there. I’m going to put a link right up here for the YouTube channel subscription button. Please click it, you’ll never miss another video. Always all kinds of great videos about critical concepts and lifestyle and tech and tires and everything you need to know to become a racecar driver and do it successfully. I’m Matt Covert and I’ll be back with another video soon.

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