Podcast Episode 55: An interview with Andrew Rains of APEX Pro

After a small hiatus, Jake is back!

In this episode, Jake talks to Andrew Rains from APEX Pro. Jake and Andrew talk about the trials and tribulations of budget endurance cars, running and driving on a Pirelli World Challenge Team, and most importantly, how data can help a hone the race craft of any driver.

Jake also gets more information on the APEX Pro Driver system, and how one can use it to become faster in real time on track.

“Data is all about making decisions. It’s not just about having the data, it’s about turning it into something that actually improves. It’s about something that actually makes you better.”

You can find out more about the APEX Pro here.

Here’s an awesome Video of the APEX Pro used on track.

Here’s a great Video explaining how to read the data from an APEX Pro.

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