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I am completely blow away by all the positive and thoughtful things that everyone is saying about Racers HQ. I’m so pleased to continue producing high level, tactical strategies for aspiring racers. Stay tuned. – Matt

“It’s great to see a site dedicated toward actually helping the autocross community, and focused on actual driving. There’s no false pretenses, and it’s not about projecting attitude and image. It’s about the driver, for the driver, and supports the driver.” – Hans

“I this this is great. So many amateur racers like myself could use any help they could get. Great job.” – Steffen

“I love this concept! I found Matt on Instagram and instantly loved his basic approach. I love that I UNDERSTAND what he’s saying and can apply it in my own racing. There’s so much to learn and Matt has it all organized in short, easy to watch videos and now a podcast!” – Jen

…I. Am. Blown. Away…This information is freeeee…Thank you Matt Covert…”Tom

If Buzzfeed was actually useful and centered around racing, it would be called RacersHQ.com.” – Vincent

“Even when I’m at an autocross event, I can watch them while I’m waiting in between runs. Sometimes you just need a little reminder of one thing to tweak and BAM, another second off your time.” – Jen

“RacersHQ.com is an amazing source of information, for anyone, regardless if you’re just starting out, or have been racing for years.” – Jeremy

“Racers HQ provides a source of racer know-how. Topics include whats to improve technique behind the wheel, tire management, and suspension set-up. The articles and podcasts take a deeper look in these areas that benefit those new and unfamiliar with the sport, drivers who are working who are working to find fractions of a second on the course, and veterans who can use a refresher on specific fundamentals and advanced skills.” – Brian

“RacersHQ.com is a treasure trove of motorsports knowledge. Matt covers everything you need to know to get started, and then improve, on your racing journey.” – Neil

“In addition to putting the vehicle where you need it when you need it, RacersHQ.com dives into personal branding as a fundamental of representing yourself as an individual seeking sponsorship, representing the companies that have endorsed you, as well as ways to carry yourself with good sportsmanship.” – Brian

I’m going to devour all the information on your site.” – Chris

“RacersHQ.com is a place where learning can be interactive with comments sections for each article, and it’s great to see a development with the latests podcasts.” – Brian

“I found this site extremely helpful for my autocrossing.” – Richard

“I think it’s great material. For beginners to see what’s involved with our sport. I’d add that it seems like it’s geared at really helping multiple levels of racers, and is just good info.” – Justin

“There’s lots of valuable knowledge to be gained on the website and plenty of great places to start. Some of the topics are critical of you’re trying to be successful in the racing world. I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to seek out knowledge and maintain the will to learn.” – Andrew

Great article about choosing the best autocross car! It was just what I was looking for and you saved me tons of research time.” – Denny

“I love this site and have found a lot of valuable information on it. I’m constantly researching to better myself as a racer, and this is one of my favorite sites for informational articles.” – Nick

“RacersHQ is a great starting point for people looking into beginning autocross, as well as having valuable insight for people already in the sport and simply looking to progress their knowledge base or learn to better expand their horizons within racing.” – Nicolay

We appreciate what you are doing for the grassroots level and very much look forward to being not only part of the program, but ambassadors for the site.” – Jason

“I just saw an add for this on Facebook and I thought I would give it a try. I mean, I’ll racing anyway, right? After going through the process and reading the terms it seems quite professional. It’s good to see that grassroots drivers like me can get some recognition and help  on their journey.” – Jassim

I’m thrilled to have just found your site. And although I’ve read through a lot, it’s a resource that I’ll be going through a lot more. Thanks for putting it all out there.” – Art

“The website is an awesome resource for someone who is wanting to or is just getting started in the sport. So much good information is available here, and to a beginner it can be the difference between saying it’s not for me, and hey this isn’t going to be as expensive as I thought.” – Paul

“I checked out the website and videos…gonna have to binge watch. Haha! Love the content!!!”o_nunz_o

Loving this site! The information for autocross is phenomenal! I also love that podcasts are now offered. I can listen to them when it isn’t convenient to sit at the computer. This site is great in that it gives relevant information that allows me to improve while not spending big money. Some of the information has also helped me save money. This site needs more exposure, it’s the only one of it’s type in racing.” – Joseph

The website is good I spend a lot of time on my phone and it’s easy to navigate and get some much needed news in the racing world. I will definitely spend more time exploring the site.” – Shelveon

Not only do I like to read it, but as you’re aware, I have your vinyls on my car and have turned your site onto my students as well.”Art

“Supporting local racers is awesome it promotes racing off the street and the competition many of us want. Thanks for that.” – Charles

“I’ve recently discovered your podcast and I’m hooked on it.  Your analytical way of thinking is right up my alley and I find it very helpful, so I wanted to take a moment and thank you for what you do!” – Teddie

“Great Facebook Live session!…I just watched the rest of the video and love all the information, as well as it being more personal.” – Calvin

“I’m a big fan of your podcast and I have to say it’s such a relief to find someone who talks about the art/skill of driving and speaks to the grassroots dreamers like myself.” – Lincoln

“Another great Facebook live session!  Thanks again for answering my question.” – Calvin

I love your website and all the content you provide to the racing community. I came across your site after searching “Ways to become a professional race car driver.” Ever since discovering your site I have been devouring all the content I can and creating action plans.” – Matthew

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