Episode 016: Ross Bentley – Speed Secrets, Coaching, and Autocross

tire pressureMotorsport coaching authority Ross Bentley joins me on the Racers HQ Podcast to share his knowledge about the amateur racing world.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  1. All about Ross Bentley’s Speed Secrets brand
  2. The necessity of coaching and finding people who are faster than you
  3. The importance of continued education, and learning outside of the motorsport world
  4. How your mindset can make you or break you
  5. Why autocross is an amazing method to learn performance driving – and Ross Bentley’s book Winning Autocross Techniques
  6. Ross’s new book, The Lost Art Of High Performance Driving, (coming soon!) for the enthusiast who hasn’t taken taken the leap to participation


Amazing autocross introduction video from Neil @theshootingcars Facebook page
SCCA Runnoff videos, free on SCCA.com
The first Speed Secrets book, on Amazon
Ross Bentley’s Speed Secrets website
Ross Bentley’s Speed Secrets Facebook page
The Lost Art of High Performance Driving, by Ross Bentley

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