(033) Slip Angle Management

In this video I enthusiastically share how slip angle management separates good drivers from incredible drivers. Successfully managing slip angles will help prolong tire life without sacrificing speed or grip.

Slip Angle Management – Video Transcript

Hey everybody Matt Covert here again from howtobecomearacecardriver.com with another video. And yes it is. It’s another slip angle video. Slip angle management. I have no idea how many times I’ve mentioned slip angle in videos now. It’s just so important. And I’m just going to keep on going with it until you guys use it all the time without even thinking about it. That’s the goal. So let’s talk about slip angle management.

Slip angle management will do two things. It will increase your tire life. Whoops I don’t need to write your. Increase tire life. And there’s, of course, a video about slip angle already, which I will link to so you can hop back and see that. You’ll definitely want to watch that one before this one. OK? You’ll increase your tire life if you can get into slip angle management. OK? But at the same time you won’t sacrifice grip. And boy that sounds like something I’d like to be doing. Tires last longer but you’re still just as fast. Alright? Let’s get into it right here.

And it’s another graph that compares slip to grip. I’ve got a bunch of these going but that’s because they’re easy to understand and visuals always seem to work really well for me so I’m just going to draw another one.

You’ve seen this one before from the slip angle video and we’re going to take it a little bit further. OK? I think we decided last time – just the way the graph worked out on this little basic theory thing. We decided that a ten degree slip angle was like the ultimate slip angle for this particular tire – this theoretical tire we’re working with. OK? Let’s pick the top section out of this, OK? We’ve got ten here. Let’s just say that this is a range from eight to twelve degree slip angle. Right here to here, OK? So let’s talk about what you can do to manage your slip angles.

The gap between twelve and eight isn’t very much. I don’t think there’s going to be a huge difference in performance between the two. They’re pretty much right on the top of the curve, OK? So we can just say that these are so similar they’ll produce the same amount of grip at the same speed. So you won’t be sacrificing grip or speed if you drive anywhere in this box OK?

This is where the kicker is, OK? If you’re a little bit more aggressive driver, and say you drive right here – you stay at almost the twelve or right at the twelve degree slip angle in your tires. Since there’s more of an angle you are producing more friction which leads to more heat which leads to quicker deterioration of your tires. OK? And this is bad because you’re really not getting any more grip or speed from doing this. OK? And here’s – here’s my favorite part about this, OK? The driver who can stay near the eight percent range is simply incredible. OK. This is the driver that knows that going a little slower is actually just as fast. His tires will last longer because he’s not generating as much friction or heat and his tires are just going to last a little bit longer.

OK. These are the kinds of little things that separate good drivers from amazing drivers. This simple little modification – it’s all something that the driver can control – this simple little choice to stay near the eight percent range, if you can feel that out you will be an incredible driver, I promise.

I’m really excited about this video. I love these tiny little things that separate us from average drivers and I think that pretty much covers all that I had on that. So I’m going to get on out of here. There’s a little box down here. You can go ahead and subscribe to it. Or it might be below there depending on where you watch the video. Get ahead and hop to that and subscribe to these videos – you’ll never miss another one ever again. And I’ll be back soon with another free video from howtobecomearacecardriver.com.

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