True Speed: How to Think, Drive, and Win like a PRO racer.

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“Seriously you explain stuff so well, it’s entrancing. True Speed is so beneficial for any level of driver. I feel like it’s easy to understand and anyone can pick out the tips and tricks they need to work on. I love it!” – Kathryn F, on True Speed

Do you want to go fast? Or do you want to be fast?

If you want to go fast you can simply spend thousands of dollars on shiny car parts. If you want to be fast you’ll need something different…and much more affordable.

True Speed is a motorsport video training course that teaches top-level racing techniques and strategies that come directly from the world’s best racing drivers.

Through exclusive interviews, phone calls, and Skype meetings I’ve spent the last two years talking with professional racers and extracting their best driving tips, tricks, and tactics for True Speed. 

These pro racers include:

  • Ben Collins – Top Gear’s White Stig.
  • David Higgins – Subaru Rally Team USA, 8x Rally America champion, 21 racing championships.
  • Ross Bentley – International racing coach, author of the Speed Secrets book series,, and the Speed Secrets Podcast.
  • Derrike Cope – Daytona 500 winner.
  • And dozens of other pro racers.

This world-class information has been compiled into the True Speed course so you can think, drive, and win like the best racers in the world.

These high-level racing tips, techniques, and tactics are delivered in a powerful combination of:

Screen Capture Video.

To truly develop a deep understanding of race driving you have to start with the basics. The screen capture videos allow me to explain intricate topics in an engaging way – by drawing on-screen while conveying critical concepts. The extra charts, notes, and diagrams are sure to keep your attention as learn top level information about what you love most.  

Custom iRacing Footage.

“The iRacing part was the home run.” – Jason H, on True Speed

True Speed is the first driver’s education resource to maximize the iRacing teaching potential. By using the simulator to film specific examples of complex racing techniques, True Speed offers perfect visualization that no other program can.
These examples are filmed from the driver’s seat and played in slow motion, paused, rewound, and played again as each intricacy is thoroughly explained in real time.

In addition, you’ll get to watch an input panel at the bottom of the screen to see the direction of steering wheel and inputs to the throttle, brake, and clutch. Along with a deep diving explanation of every example you’ll see exactly what’s happening in the car.

Supporting files and documentation.

Along with the powerful combination of screen capture video and iRacing footage, you’ll have access to additional files that accompany the True Speed course.

Each section has summary notes in a polished PDF and the audio version to take with you in the car.

You’ll also have unlimited access to me, the True Course creator and founder of – Matt Covert. If you need clarification, additional information, or have a burning question I’ll be readily available via email to make sure you’re on the right track.

What You’ll Be Learning About: The 5 True Speed Modules

  1. Module 1: Introduction“Another incredible point was pausing and taking a break. Not trying to cram too much, too fast. Sometimes we need bite sized nuggets of information and just as you explained, apply it instead of learning 5 things then applying all of it.” – Jason H, on True Speed

    There’s no reason to consume (much less pay) for high end knowledge if you don’t know how to use it. This first module will ensure that your investment won’t go to waste. While the later Modules focus on the whats, whys, and hows, the Introduction exposes you to the pro racer’s mindset. And that’s something you won’t be success without.
  2. Module 2: Weight Transfer

    In the TrueSpeed series, I finally found my answer! Matt breaks down such concepts as vehicle rotation, weight transfer, and mid-corner adjustments, and then SHOWS how these concepts work and how to apply them” – Lex L, on True Speed

    Weight transfer is the absolute foundation of True Speed. No matter what concepts, techniques, or tactics you’re studying you won’t be able to successfully implement them without knowing how to manipulate how weight moves around a vehicle. Module 2 explains how pro racer think different than amateurs and how it allows them to generate True Speed.
  3. Module 3: Slip Angles

    The video instantly explains each step as you talk about it, which is much more clear to learn from. I look forward to more videos.” – Ben F, on True Speed

    Slip angles are critical in finding True Speed. By learning how to adjust how each end of the car is interacting with the driving surface, you’ll be able to instantly alter the handling characteristics of any vehicle – no mechanical tuning required. It’s all skill. And it starts with slip angles.
  4. Module 4: Rotation

    Rotation is the ultimate asset in the pro racer arsenal. By implementing information about Weight Transfer and Slip Angles you’ll be able to achieve the highest levels of grip. Rotation is the technique that allows a vehicle to corner in way that allows the driver to max out True Speed.
  5. Module 5: Smooth Is NOT Fast

    “The smooth is not fast module with iRacing…THANK YOU. Full disclosure, I thought you might be wrong and was thinking no way haha, but it was a great video. Probably my favorite video/module. The iRacing part was the home run.” – Jason H, on True Speed“I’m now a believer: Smooth is NOT fast!” – Jake R, on True Speed

    You’ve probably heard many autocross and track day instructors tell you to be smooth and make smooth inputs to go faster. They’re wrong.

    Being smooth is not how you generate True Speed. True Speed happens when you allow yourself to make any adjustments required to keep a car on the very limit of traction. That’s the opposite of smooth.

The answer to going fast isn’t a bigger budget.

Throwing shiny parts at the car is a short term solution. When those parts wear out or are uninstalled you’ll be as slow as before.

Performance parts will only make you slightly faster poor driver.

The answer to going faster isn’t more seat time.

Why are there drivers with 15 years of experience finishing mid-pack? And why are their drivers with 3 three years of experience winning everything?


The 15 year driver is relying on “experience.” He doesn’t learn anything new to apply while he’s in the seat. This driver doesn’t have 15 years of experience. He has 1 year of experience 15 times. That’s not progress.

The 3 year driver has invested in high level, proven strategies to help him go faster. Because he’s constantly learning world class tactics and techniques, his rate of progression is unlimited.

The answer to True Speed is top level, proven information that comes directly from pro racers who have been there, done that, and are willing to share.

The True Speed course is specifically designed to deliver these high level, proven strategies at a fraction of the cost of throwing shiny parts at the car.

Parts won’t last forever. But you can’t wear out a piece of high end information.

Enrollment for True Speed is currently closed.

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