“There’s nothing I like more than giving huge amounts of value for free. And these two videocasts are becoming incredible avenues of actionable information.”

The Chalkboard Sessions

I love technical things. And I’m proud that my combination of screen capture software, tablet, and excellent audio equipment allow you to watch educational videos that are very engaging. Watch as I explain concepts and theory while drawing graphics, pictures, and diagrams right on your screen.

#AskMattCovert Videocast

While I will always do my best to answer each person individually, I want to give value to as many people as possible. #AskMattCovert is the medium I use to share those questions and answers with the world from my YouTube channel.

Autocross News Videocast

It’s not that we shouldn’t like change. Collecting technical information is tedious. That’s OK, I’m going to do all the work for you – right from my YouTube Channel.

Someone you know will love this! Who is it?

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