Whiteline Sway Bar – Balance The Car, Unleash Grip

BSR54XZThe Whiteline sway bar worked wonders for the BRZ. One characteristic of the Subaru BRZ that I don’t prefer is its natural tendency to understeer. While some drivers may be faster in an understeering car, I am not. My results show that oversteer can generate huge opportunities, especially on hot days when the track becomes greasy.

You can read all about how a bit of oversteer gave me a huge advantage in the August 15 Raceday Report.


In general, installing a stiffer rear sway bar will thwart understeer and help induce a bit of oversteer.

It’s true that changing spring rates and alignment angles can help correct an unbalanced car. But for those of us who compete in stock categories, most of these modifications aren’t allowed.

I’m happy to report that the Whiteline sway bar offers a fantastic remedy for the problem. Not only does it include a three position adjustable sway bar, but also two high quality adjustable links to mount it.

After choosing how stiff you want the bar to be (by picking the proper mounting holes) the adjustable links allow you to fine tune the stiffness.

The means that instead of plugging in a new sway bar and adapting to new handling characteristics, you can tweak the bar’s pre-load and make the handling come to you.

Since everyone prefers slightly different vehicle dynamics, this allows for maximum tuneability at the lowest cost.

Clicking through the link above will take you to an eBay store front. If you decide to purchase this sway bar, please be aware that I will make a small commission. So I’d like to say, in advance, thank you for helping me build my brand. If you’d rather purchase it elsewhere, that’s okay too!

If you have any questions please email me directly at matt@howtobecomearacecardriver.com.

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