Yaw Angle

Yaw Angle

In this video I explain the importance of yaw angle and how it applies to your tire’s ability to grip. And, ultimately, how well your racecar performs. Like slip angle, it’s entirely up to the driver.

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Video Transcript

Hey everyone, Matt Covert here again from howtobecomearacecardriver.com and in this video we’re going to talk about yaw angle.

And if you haven’t seen the slip angle video, I highly recommend that you go and watch that first because this is a similar concept and I’ll throw a link to that right up here on the screen so you can go and check that out.

And the rest of us are going to hop right on in. So yaw angle can do a couple things for you. It can help you find a balance to your vehicle. It’s something that you’ll have to feel out. And that comes with experience obviously. But it’ll help you find your optimum slip angles. See why I wanted to have you watch the other video first? Yeah, exactly.

So let’s talk about what yaw angle is. OK? And like I said it’s pretty similar to something we already talked about. It is the difference between where something is pointed and where it’s actually going. And the difference between them, in this case, is going to be the yaw angle. And I think I made that same little diagram in the slip angle video, because it’s the same basic concept.

So let’s go ahead and draw the chassis of a vehicle, and I know I use this same shape for tires as well but I’ll just make four little marks here to designate this as a vehicle. OK?

Let’s draw a center line that goes down through this vehicle chassis. OK? This is the center line that shows where the vehicle is actually pointed. Alright? Regardless of where the front tires are pointed, et cetera, OK?

And now we’re going to draw another vector, I think it’s the right word, that shows the actual direction of travel. So even though this vehicle is pointed in one direction it’s actually going this way. Alright? And the difference between these two directions is the yaw angle, OK?

Not a difficult concept to understand but once you understand it you’ll really be able to have a better grip

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